Online store warehouse automation system based on QR codes

A system has been developed for warehouse accounting for online stores, custom production and small-scale production, taking into account storage locations, physical volumes of storage, accounting for each product unit, a picking mechanism using QR codes. The system is a module for “1C: Trade Management” and a mobile application for Android OS to perform warehouse operations. An API mechanism has been developed to integrate with other trading systems.

Implemented the mechanism of interaction with the mobile application, which functions as a smart barcode scanner, it is also possible to connect a portable QR code scanner via Bluetooth and the integration with accounting systems, which is much cheaper than specialized barcode scanners and more convenient to use (the smartphone screen is more informative, has universal, public interface).

Tasks that are automated by the system:
  • Reception in the unloading area of ​​goods that came to order from the supplier
  • Creation and editing of labels on the arrived goods
  • Check for the presence of the received goods in view of the created labels
  • Exchanging goods in the system for further sale
  • Checking the availability of goods for a specific order, determining the degree of its completion
  • Assembling an order from different storage locations
  • Razomplekomplektatsiya goods, moving it to free leftovers at the warehouse
  • Checking orders before shipping
  • Inventory of goods
The product is embedded in the online store
  • Android
  • Java
  • 1С:Trade Management 8.3
  • Web Services
  • IIS