Automated railway transport management system

Development of the automated control system for railway transport. The system is implemented as a web application running in real time, and consists of modules: reporting, directories, forms, administration. The application is available to users of the corporate network "OMK". Report templates were developed in FastReport and integrated into the management system. Implemented forms allow to track the actual location of cars at the stations, to receive several types of reports and initiate the rearrangement of the wagons, to work with data on technical and commercial inspection of cars, to work with the information on movements on the foreign railway tracks. The system interface is implemented in the Ext.NET library - one of the richest and largest UI frameworks for making of corporate systems.
  • Oracle
  • Dapper
  • Ext.NET MVC
  • FastReport

Automated system for accounting and traceability of interchangeable tools

A system has been developed for accounting and managing interchangeable equipment and deformation tools for collecting and processing information on tool life.

Automated business processes:
1. Determination of the need for the purchase, repair of tools
2. Management of applications / orders for repair, production, purchase of tools
3. Management of tool warehouses, both centralized for issuance to workplaces, and directly at the workplace
4. Issuing or receiving a tool to the workplace
5. Return of the tool to the warehouse
6. Management of the installation of the tool in the machine
7. Tool kit management
8. Tool repair management
9. Tool disposal management
10. Report management
11. Management of electronic passports and archive.

  • Vue.js
  • Entity Framework
  • Oracle

Automated coupling traceability system

We developed a web-based application for real-time production of thermal equipment and thermal lines. The system specifies the monitoring of the actual rate at which the output results are displayed and for the operation.

Automated business processes:
• visualization of data on the status of work and the description of the necessary resources;
• The collection and creation of data on all published cycle data.

Basic system functions:
  • Production planning
  • Electronic clothing storage
  • Approval of the route of the maintenance allowance, the repair of the repair unit change of order
  • Automated storage of such processing capabilities by means of the development of technological, control and emeritus operations
  • Registration and creation of sovereign data on the basis of data in the identification of the identification number (individual)
  • Presenting current data processing capabilities in a graphical and table-based video automation system
  • Intrusive logging and correction of data processing capabilities for automated workflow systems
  • Automated customization of the route of the route in the results of the results of the control of the caste
  • Oracle
  • JS
  • EntityFramework

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