Web application «Shareholder of Sberbank»

A web application, that in game form teaches players how to work with investments and work with stocks. Users are novice shareholders who are just starting to trade stocks. The possibility of selling and buying shares and receiving dividends. During the game, users gain new knowledge about the securities market.

Web application features:

  • Setting game options
  • Training mode
  • Display trend graphs
  • Buying, selling stocks, getting dividends
  • Editing a profile, calculating game currency and rating, transaction statistics
  • Python
  • Angular
  • HTML

Web application «EasyStocks Run»

Web application, that teaches players how to invest in a playful way. The game has three levels. At each level, the player gets useful information about the investment. At the end of the last level, the player is asked to take a test and evaluate new knowledge.

Web application features:

  • Learning tips during the game
  • The display of the achievements of the player
  • Testing knowledge
  • Phaser 3
  • HTML5
  • Typescript
  • Canvas

A system for testing company products by employees.

A web application with layout only for mobile devices has been developed to manage the testing of closed products by teams of employees in a playful way. Implemented systems for administering tasks for testing, managing teams of employees, maintaining ratings and leaderboards, managing seasons, implemented different types of quests: passing through a scenario, searching for bugs.
  • React TS
  • NodeJS

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