We use C# and ASP.NET MVC/Core or Java for back-end, depending on the requirements of the customers. For our projects, or if there is a choice, we prefer .NET.

We can learn and use any JS(TS) libraries. The main expertise is Angular and React.

We use Swift for iOS apps development iOS and Kotlin of native Android apps development.

We support and develop legacy systems based on Delphi, starting with Delphi 6.

We have expertise in classical machine learning – we are able to classify text with high accuracy and we have expertise in deep machine learning – we are able to set up different types of neural networks to classify texture images: scrap iron, garbage, slabs of various materials, paper, etc.

We have developed and operated successfully with the customer for the past 3 years a robot router calls to the support line by e-mail and a chatbot for routing calls through the web interface. These products are integrated into the customer's Service-desk.

We have our own line of machine learning products, which are implemented in the largest companies of Russia.

We make custom projects for the development of complex web and mobile applications. Our clients are major Russian companies, such us OMK metallurgical company, SUEK coal company, SKB Bank, Sberbank, SKOLKOVO Foundation and others. Portfolio of all projects – www.sysdyn.ru. We are member of the Neuronet industry Union, we have won and successfully implemented RnD grant from the Russian goverment innovation assistance Fund, and won The Russian Startup Tour competition in 2015.

There are 45 programmers in the team, 22 of them are front-end, 14 are back-end.

We do not have HR, the director of the company is Igor Semenov.

Igor defended his Ph.D. thesis in 2012, was lecturer of software engineering courses at Petrozavodsk State University for bachelors and masters of applied mathematics.

Igor worked as a C# programmer for Metso(Valmet) for 5 years. Worked as a Java programmer for five years, participated in Nokia R&D Center projects in C++.

Igor opened in Petrozavodsk and was the head of the first branch of the Playrix company, the world's largest mobile game developer.